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Poppinga Käseservice Inh. Sven Poppinga

Poppinga Käseservice (Cheese Service)
Proprietor Sven Poppinga

Osterhusen 5
26409 Wittmund

Postal address: 1311
26400 Wittmund

Phone: +49 4467 9477-0
Fax: +49 4467 9477-22

Company overview

Manufacture focus, service offers:
Cheese import wholesaler, industrial slicing and packaging of cheeses, service provider for producers
Technology usage:
Tube bag, deep-draw, cryovac and sealed-edge bag packaging, cheese slicing systems, cheese grating systems
Intensive cooperation with German, Dutch and Danish companies, further dvelopment of slicing machinery;
Certified to IFS 5 by SGS-ICS, Hamburg
Export countries:
Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, indirectly to over 30 further countries
Supplier to business branches:

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