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Branding & Packaging GmbH & Co. KG

Ammerländer Heerstraße 231
26129 Oldenburg

Phone: +49 441 77068-501
Fax: +49 441 77068-382

Company overview

Manufacture focus, service offers:
TRADE MARKETEERS is not only a branding and design agency, but also a communications consultancy with a strategic approach. We have been working interdisciplinary for over 25 years. As a creative director and senior consultant in so-called classic as well as design or new media agencies.

We create growth brands! These are brands that gain market share and retain or expand their regular customers. We achieve this with the following service areas:

Branding, Packaging Design, Multichannel, Strategic Consulting, Branding, Branding, Naming, Campaign, Product Consulting, VkF measures, Promotion, POS Event Communication (in the market), Photo Shooting/Foodstyling, Film Production, 3D Animation, Radio Spot Production, Online Marketing, Social Marketing, E-Commerce

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As a network agency we work closely with other special agencies. We look forward to working for you in Hamburg and Oldenburg.

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