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merlin-consulting - market-research - consulting - training - coaching
Wehdestraße 87
26123 Oldenburg

Phone: +49 441 39068 05
Fax: +49 441 39068 06

Company overview

Manufacture focus, service offers:
full-service institute for market-research, qualitative and quantitative studies (tracking and ad-hoc), market-segmentation, consumer-segmentation, targeting, branding, employee surveys, focus-groups, morphologic interviews, workshops/ events, product-tests, analysis of advertising media, (product-)portfolio-analysis, tv-spot-tests (ad-hoc and tracking), radio-spot-tests (ad-hoc and tracking), desk-research, trend-research, systemic analysis, website-analysis and -optimisation, training, coaching, presentation, ...
Technology usage:
Utilisation of all necessary and useful instruments. CATI, CAPI, video-Analysis, ...
founded in 2001,
Member of the german association of market-researchers and empirical social researchers - Marktforscher BVM,
10 years of teaching experiance as a docent at the "Bremer Akademie für Kommunikation, Marketing und Medien".
Contact and cooperation research:
We are looking for contacts to companies, who need some support/ assistance in marketing and/or market-research,
we are also looking for cooperation-partners (economy, university-level institutions, authorities, etc.) for basic-research projects.
Supplier to business branches:
FMCG, TK-sector, energy, automotive, banking, leisure-/recreation industry, services, others...

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