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HAWITA Gruppe GmbH

HAWITA Gruppe GmbH
Hans-Tabeling-Straße 1 (ehemals "Langer Damm 1")
49377 Vechta

Postal address: 1255
49361 Vechta

Phone: +49 4441 9395-0
Fax: +49 4441 9395-44

Company overview

Manufacture focus, service offers:
Preparation, production and sale of soils and substrates
as well as the production and sale of plastic products for the international horticultural sector
Technology usage:
8 production locations in Germany and the Baltic States
6 substrate & soil works, 1 fleece pot production plant, 1 plastics plant
Hawita Flor potting soils
Fruhstorfer potting soils
Palettino returnable tray as transport and cultivated pallet
Exhibition participation:
IPM-Essen, NTV-Amsterdam, IPM Dubai, NHS Las Vegas, CHS Toronto, Floramarkt Padua, Iberflora Valencia, IPM China
Export countries:
EU countries, Turkey, America, Middle East & Asia
Import countries:
Baltic States

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