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Großmann Systembetreuung

Großmann Systembetreuung GmbH
Carl-Zeiss-Strasse 4
49661 Cloppenburg

Postal address:
49661 Cloppenburg

Phone: +49 4471 18409-0
Fax: +49 4471 18409-19

Company overview

Manufacture focus, service offers:
Data Protection Officer in the field of:
Sensitization / instruction of the responsible persons
Accompanying examinations by supervisory authorities
Advice on projects with personal data
Regular review of process chains
Creation of privacy-specific documents
Improvement of technical and organizational processes
Ask your employees about data protection

IT service, hardware, software, network technology, web design, web programming, database programming, web hosting, telecommunication

Datev, administration, installation and support of tax consultants, notaries, lawyers as well as company-related software modules.

FTS Authorized / Select Expert Partner
Consulting and consulting services for servers, desktop and mobile workstations and cloud computing
Technology usage:
FTS Authorized / Select Expert partner for servers, desktop, mobile devices and software solutions
HP Business Partner for servers, desktop, mobile devices, printers and software solutions

Microsoft Windows Server systems (2016R2, 2012R2, etc.)
Microsoft Windows client systems (10, 8.1, etc.)
Red Hat and Debian
MacOS client and server systems as well as mobile devices

Registered Ripe Service Partner
Hosting of own CMS and Internet systems
15 Years Fujitsu Service Partner
Mobility Authorized und Certified Select Partner Expert
Primergy Authhorized und Certified Select Partner Expert
Mobility Authhorized und Certified Select Partner Expert
Exhibition participation:
Business Offensive Oldenburger Münsterland

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