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COLOR-FOTO-LABOR, Fotostudio /-Fachlabor Kowalski

COLOR-FOTO-LABOR, industrial and advertising photography laboratory
Heinrich-Beckermann-Str. 1
49692 Cappeln

Postal address: 1101
49692 Cappeln

Phone: +49 4478 481
Fax: +49 4478 6104

Company overview

Manufacture focus, service offers:
Large photos, serial photos, reproductions, photomontages, technical enlargements, film developments, enlargements, laminations, analogue photography, digital photography and image editing, catalogue creation on CD-ROM, advertising photography, luminaire large slides, Textile banners
Technology usage:
Fully equipped finishing and specialist laboratory, digital photo exposure, large digital photo printing, computer-controlled laboratory machines, series photos about specialist experts, large photo studio for specialist photographs, large-screen cameras
Industrial and advertising photography lab, worldwide as Kodak Profile Laboratory Resource Center
Contact and cooperation research:
zu Industriefotografen, Fotostudios und Einzelkunden, Gewerbe- und Privatkunden,
Export countries:
Europe-wide, worldwide
Import countries:

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