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Reinert-Ritz GmbH

Reinert-Ritz GmbH
Ernst-Heinkel-Str. 2
48531 Nordhorn

Postal address: 2207
48511 Nordhorn

Phone: +49 5921 8347-0
Fax: +49 5921 8347-25

Company overview

Manufacture focus, service offers:
PE- und PP- Rohrverbindungsteile (bis d 2800 mm), Fittings;
Hohl- und Vollstäbe aus PE und PP (bis über 2850 mm);
PE Rohrsysteme (bis 25 bar), auch Einzelteillösungen
Technology usage:
injection moulding machines, extruders, turning and milling machines, welding machines, tool construction
Patents for plastic-specific pipe connection parts, e.g. flange connection PN 10-25, couplings, T-pieces, branches, house connections
Speciality: fabrication according to customer demands, problem solutions.
Exhibition participation:
Kunststoffmesse Düsseldorf, IFAT München, IRO Oldenburg
Contact and cooperation research:
Uses for pipe connection parts or thick-walled plastic parts according to drawings, fittings
Export countries:
EU countries, Switzerland, Norway, Oman, UAE, Russia, South Africa, Australia, Asia
Supplier to business branches:
Kunststoffe, Rohrleitungsbau (Wasser, Gas, Chemie, Industrie)

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