Metropolitan Region Bremen-Oldenburg, North-West Germany

Profile ID: UNT-52524


Cleaning Star Bremen, owner: Juergen Reichert (one person organisation)
Neuenkirchener Weg 40
28779 Bremen

Postal address:

Phone: +49 421 17501309
Fax: +49 421 17523616

Company overview

Manufacture focus, service offers:
Housecleaning, housekeeping, Steppcleaning, officecleaning, WC / Washroom cleaning, Bouwplace-cleaning, gardencleaning,hotel and restaurant services.
Technology usage:
I work only with normal cleaningmashine and tools. I vote on the cleaning only thinks with a verry good biologic substance. For exemple on glasses cleaning I work only with clear water.
I speak german, english dutch and flamish. I was work two years at the housekeepig in the Netherlands at Center Parcs, Roomport and Landaal. There I was working as a teamleader.
I am registreted at the Handwerkskammer Bremen
Contact and cooperation research:
I will find it verry good to go in cooperation with a other Cleaningservice or a agency for cleaning.

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