Metropolitan Region Bremen-Oldenburg, North-West Germany


Premium AEROTEC GmbH

Premium AEROTEC GmbH
Bergstraße 4
26954 Nordenham

Phone: +49 4731 362-0
Fax: +49 4731 39979

Company overview

Manufacture focus, service offers:
Fertigung und Montage von Flugzeug - Rumpfschalen aus Metall und Faserverbundstoffen
- Profilbearbeitung (Kanten, Profilieren, Streckziehen, Sicken, Fräsen)
- Großblechumformung bis 12m
- Großblechbearbeitung bis 12m
- Chemisches / mechanisches Abtragen von Material
- Klebetechnik von Faser - Metall Laminaten (Glare)
- Automatisierte Oberflächenschutztechnik
- Automatisierte Niettechnik
- Qualitätssicherung
- Großschalenmontage
- Sektionsmontage

Fertigung und Montage von Flugzeug - Rumpfsektionen aus CFK
- CFK Prepreg Ablegetechnik
- Stringerintegration
- Autoklav - Aushärtung
- Mechanische Bearbeitung von CFK Schalen
- Qualitätssicherung
- Hautfeld-, Schalen- und Sektionsmontage
Technology usage:
Metal processing
- Stretch forming machine
- Roll forming machine
- Gantry milling machine
- 3D milling machine
- Equipment for chemical milling
- Anodizing shop
- Equipment for automated surface protection
- Profile stretch forming machine
- Profile milling machine
- Autoclave
- Laser beam welding machine
- Automated riveting machine
- Flexible workstation for panel and shell assembly

CFRP processing
- Automated fibre placement machine
- Autoclave
- Water jet cutting machine
- Workstation for CFRP stringer integration and vacuum bagging
- Automatic riveting machine
- Flexible workstation for panel, shell and section assembly

Quality assurance
- Equipment for 3D measuring
- NDT ultrasonic testing machine for Glare and CFRP panels
Metal processing
- Stretch forming process of complex aluminium structures
- Manufacturing of aluminium panels with local differences in thickness through chemical machining and mechanical 3D surface milling
- Mechanical contour and surface milling of 3D geometries
- Surface protection for profiles and large shells
- Process for anodizing profiles and large shells
- Bonding of fibre metal laminates and complex aircraft structure components
- Laser beam welding of aircraft planking
- Automated riveting of complex structures
- Integration of structure components in fuselage shells
- Assembly of skinplate panels and shells of aircraft structures

CFRP processing
- Automated fibre placement process for complex CFRP panels
- Stringer integration in CFRP shells
- Vacuum bagging and preparation of CFRP parts for the autoclave process
- Autoclave curing process
- Water jet contour milling of CFRP shells
- Non destructive testing of CFRP shells
- Assembly of the panels, shells and sections of CFRP structures

- Production process according to lean production aspects
- Automated storage system
- Material flow
- Control systems
- Neutralisation of electroplating process chemicals and wastewater
- DIN EN ISO 9001 DASA certified
- DIN EN 14001 DNV certified
Export countries:
Supplier to business branches:
aircraft industry, aviation, further more railway vehicle and satellite reception unit

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