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THERMOTEC Produktions- gesellschaft m.b.H. Apparate und Maschinenbau

THERMOTEC Produktions-
gesellschaft m.b.H.
Apparate und Maschinenbau

Westring 9C
27793 Wildeshausen

Postal address: 1537
27782 Wildeshausen

Phone: +49 4431 709730
Fax: +49 4431 709735

Company overview

Manufacture focus, service offers:
Hat exchangers made of stainless steel, apparatus construction with stainless steel, containers of stainless steel, housings and control panels, industrial requirements and special fabrications for the chemicals field, spare parts for industry
Technology usage:
WIG, MIG, MAG, roller seam, dot, plasma welding, glass bead blasting, cutting (3000 x 13), edges (220 t)
Stainless steel machining and processing, waste water technology, engineering, heat recovery
Collaboration with noted industrial enterprises
Exhibition participation:
WTT in Karlsruhe
Contact and cooperation research:
Granting of representations in EU countries
Export countries:
Schweiz, Österreich, Dänemark, Benelux, Frankreich, Großbritannien, Polen, Schweden
Supplier to business branches:
Plant engineering, process engineering, chemicals, food industry, environmental protection

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