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HAINKE Staubfilter GmbH

HAINKE Staubfilter GmbH
An der Imbäke 7
27798 Hude

Postal address: 12 48
27795 Hude

Phone: +49 4408 8077-0
Fax: +49 4408 8077-10

Company overview

Manufacture focus, service offers:
Dust extraction plants, fabric filters, bag filters, compact filters, cartridge filters, central vacuum cleaning systems, pneumatic conveyor systems, automation technology, rotary valves, ventilators ...
Technology usage:
Mechanical 2012
Inventor 2012
Productstream 2011
Stahlbearbeitung (Drehmaschine, Schlagschere, Kantbank ...)
Schweißroboter (COMAU)
Schweißtechnik (WIG, MAG, MIG ...)
HAINKE Staubfilter GmbH is a manufacturer of dust extraction systems.
The company plans, designs, produces and sells technical products, devices and plants of all kind of industrial use.
A special focus lies on de-dusting and air technology. In this special field, HAINKE Staubfilter GmbH also devotes itself to research and development for solutions in conjunction with its production and processing activities.
An important component of the success over recent years has been the direct cooperation with customers from manufacturing, commercial and service companies.
Exhibition participation:
POWTECH in Nuremberg (every 1.5 years)
Contact and cooperation research:
Plant constructors, mechanical engineers
Export countries:
EU countries, USA, South America
Import countries:
EU countries
Supplier to business branches:
Animal feed, food, chemicals, recycling, metal processing ...

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