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WeTelCo. GmbH

WeTelCo. GmbH

Porschestraße 7c
49134 Wallenhorst

Phone: +49 5407 34693-7
Fax: +49 5407 34693-93

Company overview

Manufacture focus, service offers:
LED display systems, software development for the control and integration of LED display systems, LED tickers, displays for work safety, production status displays (Andon Boards), LED watches, LED graphic panels
Technology usage:
Logical and physical integration of LED systems
Exhibition participation:
CeBit 2001, CeBit 2003, business-online Münster 2001, Viscom Düsseldorf 2001, SPS/IPC/DRIVES Nuremberg 2001, SPS/IPC/DRIVES Nuremberg 2004, Intertraffic Amsterdam 2004, Intertraffic Amsterdam 2006
Contact and cooperation research:
Companies with a need for data visualisation
Export countries:
Import countries:
Italy, China
Supplier to business branches:
Advertising technology, industry, system houses

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