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Dörpener Umschlaggesellschaft für den kombinierten Verkehr GmbH (DUK)

Dörpener Umschlaggesellschaft
für den kombinierten Verkehr GmbH (DUK)

Industriestraße 4
26892 Dörpen

Phone: +49 4963 91 17-0
Fax: +49 4963 91 17-150

Company overview

Manufacture focus, service offers:
Services in combined (multi-modal) transport, forwarding/haulage, transshipment/handling operations, repair of cargo units in combined transport, container sales, customs clearance, port handling, trailer rentals (Trailer-Point), services in the logistics field
Technology usage:
Handling/transshipment facilities for all kinds of combined transport (road, rail, inland waterways), warehouse capacity
Certified to DIN EN ISO: 9001/14001 by TÜV Süd (technical inspectorate)
Against the backdrop of steadily growing demands made on service providers in combined freight transportation, DUK has developed initial solutions for greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness in combined transport at an early stage. These include its own department for the maintenance, inspection and repair of all kinds of load units in combined transport.
Contact and cooperation research:
Contact to rail operators, hauliers, shipping agents and shipping companies sought.
Export countries:
Europe, EU countries

Last update on Mar 4, 2016.