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HanseFlag GmbH
Marie-Curie-Str. 13
28816 Stuhr

Phone: +49 421 620299-0
Fax: +49 421 620299-99

Company overview

Manufacture focus, service offers:
In general: Flags and advertisement/city marketing
Core business: Production and sales of all kinds of flags and flagpoles.
Products in detail: Individual screen and digital printed outdoor flags, digital bigprints, beach-/decowings, national/regional flags for outdoor use, individual table flags, national/regional table flags, table banners, banner, table flag poles (wood, chrome, brass, marble, gold plated).
Individual merchandising articles from direct import: pins, embroideries, stickers, bags, ties, tableware/mugs, lanyards, professional clothing, souvenir articles.
Import service: You are interested in international sourcing?
Technology usage:
Mounting of flag poles, screen and digital printing, graphic design (vectorized designs)
High quality because of input material and technology.
Please send us your inquiry. If you are located close to our company, we can discuss everything personally in your or our company. Otherwise we would feel happy to send you all info you require by mail.
Exhibition participation:
Verschiedene Messen in den Bereichen Marketing und Konsum europaweit: Hannover Messe Industrie/Promotion World, Frankfurter Messe Ambiente, Hamburger Merchandising Messe, Hamburger Early Bird Messe etc.
Contact and cooperation research:
Handelspartner für das gesamte Produktprogramm gesucht.
Export countries:
Import countries:
Supplier to business branches:
Flag producers and flag trading companies and wholesale for souvenir articles worldwide.

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