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Stelter Zahnradfabrik

Stelter Zahnradfabrik GmbH
Bramstedter Kirchweg 49
27211 Bassum

Phone: +49 4241 86-0
Fax: +49 4241 5030

Company overview

Manufacture focus, service offers:
Stelter cogwheel factory, series production, toothed gears (profile-ground), toothed systems, timing belt pulleys, toothed chain wheels, spur gears, chain wheels (profile-ground), worm wheels, worm shafts, pinions, gear wheels for transmissions - wind power plants, drives
Technology usage:
200 CNC machines and robotic systems, highly automated machinery
Zertifiziert nach IATF 16949 und ISO 14001:2004
Exhibition participation:
Hannover-Messe, Innotrans, IZB
Contact and cooperation research:
Expansion of trading activities
Export countries:
EG-Staaten, Schweiz, Türkei, China
Supplier to business branches:
Automotive, Industrie/Maschinenbau, Windenergie, Bahn

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