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IFS GmbH & Co. KG

IFS GmbH & Co. KG
Kruppstr. 12
49661 Cloppenburg

Phone: +49 4471 9196-0
Fax: +49 4471 9196-40

Company overview

Manufacture focus, service offers:
Consulting Company with the focus of technology and change management,
Lean Management Specialists,
Material Efficiency Specialists authorized from the german government (demea- BMWi),
Production System Method Specialists in the area of small and midsize companys,
Process reengineering Specialists,
IT-Evaluation-/ architecture design specialists
SW-Integration partner for full java Intrexx Portal
ERP-System + Development-Implementation Experience (SAP R/3, Navision, PSIPENTA, Industrial Financial System, Abacus...)
Technology usage:
Methods-Specialist for productionsystem / Lean Management (with process cost modul, 5S, SMED, ...)
Portal Developer and Supplier from Intrexx - Supply Chain Portal - "ttP" (with Vendor Managed Inventory-Connectivity (VMI), credit items, eKANBAN,...)
Lean- Methods Toolset
Sankey-Materialefficiency-Analysis based on IT-Tool
Herr Schreiber is authorized consultant in a supported program "go-Inno" (Modul raw- and Materialefficiency) and member of a workgroup for qualität in the program from the governments BMWi.

Mr. Schreiber and two educated consultant have the approach to create and relocate this kind of supported program from the german government.
German Industry DIHK + MUWIT-Award in 2006
Success areas examples:
- raising up the productivity 15 %
- material savings about 3 - 7 % (with production + developing methods)
- eliminate of scrap or defect materials until 70%
- WIP-stock reducing until 50%
- cargo charge reducing until 30%
Exhibition participation:
Exhibitor at Portal Visions 2012
at 26 th. + 27 th. in Freiburg (Germany)
Contact and cooperation research:
Different cooperations with reginal Universities and Consuting-Networks around Cloppenburg / Vechta / Bremen / Osnabrück
Export countries:
Östereich, Schweiz
Supplier to business branches:
Mechanical Engineering, Bio- / Medical-Technology, Plastic Industry, Furniture Industry, Electronic Industry, Renewable Energy Industry, Environmental Engineering, Chemistry Industry

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