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VETRA Betonfertigteilwerke GmbH

VETRA Betonfertigteilwerke GmbH
Holthöge 5
49632 Essen -Sandloh

Postal address: 1362
49629 Essen/Oldb.

Phone: +49 5434 9440-0
Fax: +49 5434 9440-15

Company overview

Manufacture focus, service offers:
Concrete slats for Pig- and Cattlestables, Slats for Ventilation of potatos and onions. Sandwich Walls for Pig- and Poultrystables. Concrete Walls for Slurrysystems. PVC-Profiles, Penning-Systems for Pigstables.
Patents, Utility patent (3 owns, 2 in cooperation with other companys)
Exhibition participation:
EuroTier Hannover, Tarmstedter Ausstellung, Unternehmertage Münster
Export countries:
Schwyz, Austria, Italia, Danmark, Finland, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Norwey, Japan, Kanada, Australia, Russia, Israel, New Zealand, Ungaria, Sweden, Netherland, Bulgaria, Australia and other

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