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netcon int.

netcon int. GmbH
Leerer Landstraße 72
26603 Aurich

Phone: +49 4941 605 66 0
Fax: +49 4941 605 66 11

Company overview

Manufacture focus, service offers:
netcon int. GmbH is a North German forwarding company, specialized by its two business units "DG-Industrial" and "Fine Art Logistics" on the transport and international forwarding projects of dangerous, sensitive and permit-related goods.
Next to the logistical main carriage by ocean-, land- and air freight, netcon int. provides its customers with a wide range of logistical side services such as pre- and on-carriage, permit applications, seaworthy stowing and packing, customs clearance and storage.
Gefahrguttransporte - Gefahrgutbeauftragte See, Straße, Schiene, Binnenschiff; Explosivstofftransporte - (Gefahrgut Klasse 1) Befähigungsschein nach §20 Sprengstoffgesetz, Genehmigung nach §7 Sprengstoffgesetz; BKA Sondergenehmigung, Waffensachkundenachweise, Ausstellungs- und Kunsttransporte, konventionelle Stückgutsendungen, projektbezogene Spezialtransporte, internationale Projektlösungen, Transport gefährlicher Abfälle, Entsorgungsprojekte, Munitionstransporte
international network of competences, namable projects and international base of customers,
Exhibition participation:
Art Base, IWA Nürnberg, Art Exhibitions Dakar, Saint Petersburg, Havana,
Contact and cooperation research:
We are looking forward to extending our business cooperations within East Frisia further
Export countries:
global ops.
Import countries:
global ops.

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