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ActiView GmbH

Medien Agentur ActiView
Kornkamp 40
26605 Aurich

Phone: +49 4941 60445-201
Fax: +49 4941 60445-12

Company overview

Manufacture focus, service offers:
Interactive 3D product presentation on CD/DVD
Film production and media design (digital and print)
Visualisation of prototypes, architectural models and studies
Website design with latest solutions for the highest demands
eCommerce on the basis of plentyMarkets and Magento
SEO and SEM services for companies
Technology usage:
Render Park for the 3D calculations (Cluster)
3D Studio Max, Swift 3D Max, Flash Pro, Photoshop etc. for photorealistic representation
plentyMarkets and Magento and Serverpark from Emsnet GmbH
Advertising agency, media designer for sound and vision, sound design and programming
Foreign language: English
Exhibition participation:
Contact and cooperation research:
Multimedia programmers, marketing departments, engineering consultancies, cooperations

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